• Live Scans for employment: Your employer will provide you with your live scan form. If you did not receive it in your employment packet contact your human resource department to obtain one. We are unable to print you without it.
  • Live Scans for license and certification: If you are applying for a license or certification your live scan form is available on the agencies website or at oag.ca.gov. Please remember to make sure you have the correct live scan form. If you provide the wrong form and your prints are transmitted you will have to reprint with the correct ORI at your own expense. If you are unsure of the ORI  please call us and we will do our best to direct you to the proper site.   

After you are fingerprinted you will receive 2 copies of your live scan form. One copy you will return to the requesting agency. The second copy is for you to obtain for your records. The live scan facility will keep the original.

Your prints will be electronically transmitted to the proper government agencies and the criminal background check will start. The California Department of Justice strives to complete your request within 72 hours although there is no time limit for your check to be completed.  Due to budget cuts, applicants are no longer able to reach the DOJ via telephone. If the agency does not receive your results after 30 days you can request a follow up by e-mail: appagencyquestions@doj.ca.gov. You must include your first and last name, ORI number, and ATI #. Before doing so you need to check your status by calling the DOJ 24 hour automated service at 916-227-4557. If the system informs you there is no record found you need to contact your live scan location immediately. If the system returns the results have been forwarded to the requesting agency then you need to contact your employer or the licensing agency in which you applied. 


The Process


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