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Elite Live Scan & Notary

Question: Do I have to fingerprint at the school/testing/organization site?

Answer:   NO. This is a great question. For most state certifications the Federal fees for your live scan is $49.00. The rest of the fee is the roll fee which can be very high! If your live scan is not included in your tuition package you can choose to go where you like. This applies to on-site fingerprinting (Contractors, Real Estate, Medical Field, Security Guards.and more) from licensing to sports organizations.

Caution to sports parents: You do not have to be fingerprinted by the on-site service your conference provides. You are exempt from the $32.00 DOJ fee due to the non-profit youth organization status. You only pay the roll fee. Here at Elite coaches only pay $14.00!

Question: I've been printed several times, am I in the system? 

Answer: Each time you are requested by an agency to have a criminal background check performed you must be printed under their ORI.  Your criminal history can only be accessed by a DOJ approved agency or yourself and can not be shared with anyone. Your prints are run against the DOJ and/or FBI criminal databases.

Question: What is the agency looking for?

Answer:  The agency that requests your background will receive a report listing your prior arrests. If you do not have a criminal history it will state so on the report. You need to contact the agency to verify what they will accept or deny.

Question: I have done an expungement on my criminal record so I will have no problems right?

Answer:   An expungement ONLY hides the details of a criminal case from employment agencies. It does not hide details for licensing and certification purposes or law enforcement. 

Question: Who can I contact to check the status of my live scan?
Answer: You can check the status of your live scan on the Department of Justice Applicant Status Check website: which will let you know if it is still processing or if it has been completed. You will need your date of birth and ATI number. The ATI number should be located at the bottom of the live scan form you received after you did the live scan.

Question: How can I find out what is taking so long on my live scan?
Answer: The agency or employer requesting the fingerprints can contact the Department of Justice via email at  
Include the ORI #, first and last name of the applicant, and the ATI number.  

Question: Why do the federal fees vary with different ORI numbers.

Answer: The Federal fees are based on the level of background that is requested. The base price for the California Department of Justice is $32.00. The Federal Bureau of Investigation fee is $17.00. There are many variables to the fees depending on the ORI including Child/Elder abuse Index and Firearm Index which adds to the fees. There are also ORI numbers were the fees are reduced or exempt. These fees are set by the government and are non-negotiable and are non-refundable once your record is transmitted. These fees are the same at any live scan location you visit including law enforcement. The roll fee is the price the live scan facility charges to perform the service. This fee varies with each live scan location. Give us a call and we will be happy to give you an exact quote for your ORI number.

Question: What is the difference between fingerprinting at the Sheriffs/Police Department or a private live scan facility?

Answer: None. We are both authorized through the California Department of Justice to capture and transmit fingerprints.

When working with a private live scan facility be sure that your technician has their Certificate to roll fingerprints issued by the DOJ. in view and a current business license posted. The certification ensures that a background check has been performed by the DOJ 

and that person is cleared by the DOJ to perform the service. To ensure the facility is in good standing with the DOJ make sure the business is posted on the California Attorney General website. This site is only accessible by the DOJ to post locations of live scan sites in good standing. The live scan facilities can not open post on this site. 

Question: Can I get my results from a previous live scan sent to a new agency?
Answer: Each Live Scan is only used for the agency requesting the information from the Department of Justice. Agencies are restricted by the DOJ from sharing your live scan results with other agencies in order to protect your information and the background check report is not stored in a database for other agencies to access. Each new requesting agency must make their own request by providing you with a live scan request form specific to them. 


                         If you have any questions that we did not address please feel free to call us. We will be happy to assist you.